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Free engineering curriculum for 6th-grade science classrooms
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Middle School
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What is TEEMS? We're a research project—funded by the National Science Foundation—that’s transforming engineering education for middle schools.

We’re developing a free engineering curriculum for 6th-grade science classrooms. It’s a curriculum that teachers can use with confidence because it:

  • aligns with Next Generation Science Standards for engineering;
  • integrates with 6th-grade science topics;
  • and comes with a detailed curriculum guide and extensive support for teachers.

What makes our program unique? First, it’s based on an innovative approach to learning known as Imaginative Education – which means we use the power of story to spark your student’s imaginations and engage them in engineering. Second, our curriculum is delivered in a rich transmedia world—full of videos, photos, audio, and more—creating a very immersive experience for your students.

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