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Article or Essay

Using Storylines to Support Three-Dimensional Learning in Project-Based Science

Jeffrey Nordine
Joseph Krajcik
David Fortus
Knut Neumann
Published In
Science Scope
Published Date
February 2019
Grade Level
Middle School
Subject Area



In this article, we present our process for developing storylines and we share a planning tool that we have used to connect learning experiences into a coherent storyline that runs throughout a project-based science unit. This process has been used by teachers and researchers to develop project-based science units (Bielik, Damelin, and Krajcik 2018). Throughout this article, we give examples of how storylines helped us design a project-based unit to support the type of three-dimensional learning about energy described in A Framework for K–12 Science Education and the NGSS (NRC 2012; NGSS Lead States 2013).