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TJ McKenna

In this difficult time facing COVID-19, lots of us (including parents now being asked to become teachers) are now required to make the shift to at-home, virtual, or online education methods. Because of this, we wanted to do our part to share some resources around bringing phenomena into our homes and local communities. While these materials are in early pilot stages, we hope that sharing these will help educators nationally who are working hard to create equitable opportunities for ALL students in science.  

No one is really sure what will be required or expected of educators and students over the next several weeks to months. So, we built some resources, initially one elementary, one middle school, & high school, to provide possible alternatives for student engagement over the next couple of weeks.

We couldn’t (but are working hard to) build a page for students and teachers, so we brainstormed some phenomena, cliff note them below and made some downloadable resources to support at home or virtual learning.

Our goal is to continually build out these resources - your feedback is critical in our pursuit. If you use or adapt these resources let us know how it went. If you found something else that worked perfectly, share it with us and we can host it here.