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What does subject matter integration look like in elementary instruction? Including science is key!

STEM Teaching Tools Practice Brief
Lydia Hill
Anthony Baker
Megan Schrauben
Anne Petersen
Amber McCulloch
Kathy Renfrew
Marsha Winegarner
Carla Zembal-Saul
Megan Cannon
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STEM Teaching Tools
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October 2019
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We do not live in disciplinary silos so why do we ask children to learn in that manner? All science learning is a cultural accomplishment and can provide the relevance or phenomena that connects to student interests and identities. This often intersects with multiple content areas. Young children are naturally curious and come to school ready to learn science. Leading with science leverages students’ natural curiosity and builds strong knowledge-bases in other content areas. Science has taken a backseat to ELA and mathematics for more than twenty years. Integration among the content areas assures that science is given priority in the elementary educational experience.