Mathematical Knowledge for Teaching Future Teachers

Presented by:
Shandy Hauk
Billy Jackson
Jenq Jong Tsay

The video presents activities and outcomes for an online professional short-course for college instructors who were new to teaching mathematics for future elementary school teachers.  Participants in the short-course included graduate student, part-time, and full-time instructors from 2- and 4-year colleges. Research examined participants' knowledge of mathematics for teaching and that of their students. Participating instructors and their students completed pre- and post-semester questionnaires about the specialized knowledge used for teaching mathematics. Continuing research will examine instructors' contributions in online text-based discussions and individual interviews. Questions driving the research: What did instructor-learners find challenging? Valuable? How did the short-course influence their perspectives related to equitable teaching and learning? How did they use what they learned? Why that way? What did their students -- prospective elementary school teachers -- learn related to equitable teaching and learning of rigorous mathematics?

NSF Awards: 1625215

Related Leadership Program
Noyce Research
Grade Level
Middle School
Higher Ed
Research and Evaluation
PD Models
Published Date
May 2020
Published In
2020 STEM for All Video Showcase
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