Preparing STEM Teachers for Rural Places

Presented by:
Earl Legleiter
Paul Adams
Janet Stramel

This project addresses the preparation of teachers for rural STEM placements with a focus on the unique contexts of rurality and teaching STEM in rural settings.  Addressing preservice teachers’ intentions to teach in rural schools, as well as their persistence and retention once hired as rural STEM teachers, is an important step in providing equity for rural students. Program features to be discussed include collaboration with five community colleges in rural western Kansas to assist in recruiting of STEM majors, a seminar course to develop student understanding on thriving in a rural place, and a week-long immersive field experience in a rural school.

NSF Awards: 1758501

Presented in: 2022 (see original presentation & discussion)

Grade Level: Undergraduate

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Noyce Scholars
Grade Level
Higher Ed
Published Date
May 2022
Published In
2022 STEM for All Video Showcase
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