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Inclusion and Math Class

Presented by:
Nathanial Brown
Lindsay Palmer

At the undergraduate level, calculus is a notorious weed-out class for many STEM majors, particularly among underrepresented students. In 2017 the National Academy of Sciences highlighted three variables -- sense of belonging, self-efficacy, and growth mindset -- because (a) they are associated with student outcomes like grades or persistence and (b) they are all malleable, hence impacted by environmental events such as instructor behaviors. In the STEM Diversity Lab we are studying things university math instructors do or say that convey to students a sense they do/don't belong and can/can't succeed in math. Our focus is on the experiences of women and students of color as they remain critically underrepresented in STEM fields. The ultimate goal is to create more equitable and inclusive learning environments and this research could inform professional development trainings for instructors. 

Presented in: 2021 (see original presentation & discussion)

Grade Level: Undergraduate

Grade Level
Higher Ed
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May 2021
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2021 STEM for All Video Showcase
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