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Our free 10-minute classroom videos—co-developed by educators, employers, and our experts—engage students in authentic STEM problem solving. Students learn how real challenges are addressed in business, government, nonprofits, and academic institutions. Professionals from our employer partners guide them to develop solutions and understand the careers. The videos meet national and state educational standards and use a format proven to be effective in schools. An independent evaluation (viewable at the bottom of this page) has pointed to a significant impact on student STEM engagement.

Spark 101 STEM Skills Videos feature real “on-the-job” professional challenges in a format that allows students in traditional classrooms, after-school clubs and summer camps to apply their own creativity and skills. With 20 million students in Grades 8 through 12 entering the workplace as full- or part-time employees by 2020, Spark 101 strives to fill a communication gap between students and employers throughout the United States and around the world.