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Teacher Leadership for Whole Child Education: A Global Perspective

Barnett Berry
Linda Darling-Hammond
Anthony Mackay
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October 2021
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A paper written to inform the 2021 International Summit on the Teaching Profession published by SC-TEACHER of the University of South Carolina, Teacher Leadership for Whole Child Education: A Global Perspective, explores the role of teacher leaders in the context of the pandemic.  The authors suggest that this experience exposed profound inequities in education and highlighted the need to attend to the full scope of a child’s developmental needs, both in and out of school. Written by Barnett Berry, a professor at the University of South Carolina; Linda Darling-Hammond, president and CEO of the Learning Policy Institute; and Anthony Mackay, CEO of NCEE, the paper explores teachers’ responses during the period of school closures. Examples include teachers taking on new responsibilities; finding creative ways to make learning more personalized; making time to collaborate and support one another; and connecting with families and community partners. The challenge going forward is how to build on these promising practices and continue to empower teachers and support them as leaders in reshaping the school experience to be more equitable, inclusive, and effective for students and families. For this to happen, the authors argue that teachers need structured collaboration opportunities and school structures that support teacher leadership in decision making.