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Equality vs. Equity: 4 Videos to Help Facilitate Equity in the Classroom

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The Chalk Blog
Published Date
November 2020
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Equity has become quite a hot topic in the education world. Around the country, districts are planning equity initiatives, changing policies and practices, offering training for staff, and engaging students in their efforts to become more equitable. Other terms like equality, diversity, inclusion, and culturally responsive teaching get tossed around, too, which can get a little confusing! So what does educational equity really mean? How does it differ from these other terms? And how can you ensure your classroom practices are producing equitable outcomes?

To answer these questions (and more!), we’ll give you some background on the topic of equity and offer a few impactful strategies that will help to ensure your daily practices are helping all kids succeed in the classroom. And what better way to understand what equity looks, feels, and sounds like in practice than with video! The Chalk Blog has gathered 4 essential videos for equity-minded educators: Equality vs. Equity: 4 Videos to Help Facilitate Equity in the Classroom